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Welcome from the President & Board Chairman!

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Hello Difference-Makers,


If you drive through life with your heart, great things will happen. My father, Joe Nuxhall, was someone who used this philosophy as a moral compass in his life. And now, nearly 15 years removed from his death, it’s amazing to see that his heart is still driving the work that we are doing at The Nuxhall Foundation.


My Dad had a unique way of making everyone he met feel special. No matter who he encountered, he made them feel like a major leaguer. That, I feel, is the legacy that we are carrying forward in his name. At The Nuxhall Foundation, we are making sure that everyone we serve experiences that special sense of belonging that builds and sustains community and our civic life.


That’s why you’ll find a common thread throughout every initiative we pursue as a foundation: service to others. Thousands of special needs athletes and their families are served with unparalleled opportunities for recreation at The Joe Nuxhall Miracle League Fields. Through the years, generations of young minds have been shaped to know that character in leadership matters through The Joe Nuxhall Character Education Fund. And the dreams of countless student-athletes in our region have been realized thanks to the generosity of The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Scholarship.


There is one additional common theme woven throughout all of these initiatives: and that is the support of wonderful teammates like you.


Believe me—Dad would be overwhelmed with joy and emotion if he were here to see the work that you are helping us do throughout the community that he loved. When I work at the Miracle League Fields with Dad’s face beaming down from the image of him at our facility, I am overwhelmed by that same sense of awe and appreciation for what we’ve been able to do together.


And this is just the introduction to a beautiful story we are writing together in the decades to come for The Nuxhall Foundation.


On behalf of a grateful son and a thankful family, thank you for the difference you’ve made in our journey.


With Appreciation,

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Kim Nuxhall
President & Board Chairman
The Nuxhall Foundation

(513) 829-NUXY (6899)
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About Kim

Kim Nuxhall serves as the volunteer President and Board Chairman of The Nuxhall Foundation. After a brief career in minor league baseball, Kim spent 32 years as a physical and character education teacher at Central Elementary in Fairfield before turning his focus to The Nuxhall Foundation. The Nuxhall Foundation continues the legacy projects of his late father, Joe Nuxhall. Kim's primary responsibilities include the oversight of the Joe Nuxhall Character Education Fund, the Joe Nuxhall Scholarship Fund, and the Joe Nuxhall Miracle League Fields. He spends countless hours volunteering his time maintaining the Miracle League Fields facility and grounds, and teaching character education to children in the community. Because of Kim, his father's legacy will live on for years to come. 

Kim and his lovely wife, Bonnie, reside in Fairfield. On most days, you can find Kim doing one of two things he loves: eating a great lunch at Skyline Chili, or working tirelessly at The Joe Nuxhall Miracle League Fields!

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