Our Mission

We dream creatively to provide accessible and inclusive baseball fields and recreational opportunities with a big-league-level gameday environment for athletes with special abilities of all ages, giving them the opportunity to experience the joy and excitement of sport in a safe and impeccably maintained facility.


Our Vision

The Joe Nuxhall Miracle League Fields will revolutionize the way our communities think about recreational and athletic opportunities for individuals with disabilities. We will build and maintain the most comprehensive facility in the world for athletes with special needs, providing a world-renowned experience for children, adults, families, and volunteers. The Joe Nuxhall Miracle League Fields will serve as an inspirational beacon for the good that can be done when communities of character come together in a selfless way.

Our "Why"

Like Joe did, we believe that every individual with every challenge should have every chance to play the game of baseball.

Joe with His Bobblehead.jpg

Our Values


Making Dreams Come True
Legacy / Imagination / Creativity / Love / Selflessness


"Doing The Best We Can"

Originality / Inspiration / Meticulousness / Quality / Safety


"For As Many As We Can"

Inclusion / Service / Partnerships / Support / Awareness


"For As Long As We Can"

Planning / Stewardship / Maintenance / Growth / Succession